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Offering the Finest Wood Species For Each of Our Door Styles!

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is a strong, close-grained

wood that is predominantly off-white in

color, although it also contains light hues

of yellow-brown and pink. Hard Maple

occasionally contains light tan or small

dark mineral streaks.

Natural Birch

Natural Birch is a medium density hardwood

with a fine, moderate grain pattern and free

of knots. Natural Birch is only available with

an Enamel Finish.


Cherry is an elegant, multi-colored

hardwood, which may contain small

knots and pinholes. Natural or light

stains accent these color variations

making a distinctive statement in a full

kitchen. Cherry wood will darken or

“mellow” with age. This mellowing is a

natural occurrence and the benefit of

owning a Cherry kitchen.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a strong, open-grained

wood that has a range in color of white,

yellow and pink. Red Oak is sometimes

streaked with green, yellow and black

mineral deposits and may contain some

wide grain.

Galleria Handcrafted cabinets are made from only the finest quality hardwoods.  Each door design is available in your choice of

Cherry, Red Oak, Hard Maple, Natural Birch or Rustic.  No matter the wood species, the raw materials used in creating Galleria Custom

cabinet doors and drawer heads is specially selected for enhanced visual uniformity, and applied to the panels using a labor intensive

balance & center matching technique to create the most aesthetically appealing wood cabinets in the industry.


Traditional in every sense of the word, rustic wood gives off a very unique yet casual and inviting feel. It embodies the country lifestyle as it features warm, natural colors with hues that accentuate the wood cabinets. In addition to the characteristics described for the wood species shown above, rustic wood has individual “character” spots - knots, burls and blemishes that don’t affect the durability or integrity of the cabinetry. Rustic wood is available in cherry, oak and maple.

Rustic Wood

Rustic Hard Maple

Rustic Cherry

Rustic Oak

Handcrafted Cabinetry Constructed

to Stand the Test of Time!